About Hawaii Music School

Hawaii Music SchoolTES

Aaron Crowell, famed ukulele instructor from YouTube, has now taken over the teaching aspect of the Hawaii Music Supply business, and rebranded the school Hawaii Music School.  The goal of the Hawaii’s Music School is to bring you the best musical education that we can.

Our elite instructors cater the curriculum to suit the needs of the individual student, whether your goal is to become a professional studio musician, stage performer or just to Kanekapila (Jam) our instructors will do their best to help you get there. With the help of his wife, Michelle and a few other teachers, Aaron plans to bring the gift of music to anyone who wants to learn.

At the Hawaii Music School we currently we provide instruction in Guitar, Bass, Ukulele lessons, all styles and experience levels.  As well we teach Music theory, transcription arranging lessons/services available.

Below is a sample of some intermediate lessons

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